For over three decades, clients have consistently sought our objective consultation, special studies, programmatic support and expertise in providing new approaches to harmonize education and workforce.

Research & Evaluation

Coffey Consulting performs a range of research and evaluation studies both quantitative and qualitative to address the relevant research questions, create the appropriate study design, collect and analyze data, produce reports and policy briefs, as well as assist clients in communicating study findings and results.

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Transformative Education

Coffey Consulting is part of the leading edge in transforming education using evidenced-based research that is confirmed on data taken from the field. We work with clients to determine their current and desired states and discuss conventional and creative approaches to achieve those desired states. When they seek major change, we inform them of our approach that is grounded by research and results documented in relevant studies. To achieve clients’ goals related to education and training interventions, we discuss standards-based approaches that ensure all receive what they need to know and be able to do to perform at standard upon completion of the program or intervention.

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Technical Assistance & Training (TAT) and Facilitation

Providing technical assistance and training is a key core competency for Coffey Consulting. We have been leaders in refining not only how these services are defined and delivered, we have also incorporated the most advanced technologies. We have a life cycle approach to assisting clients in managing their programs and special projects that could, for example, include specialized grant and demonstration programs. Coffey Consulting provides facilitation for focus groups, in-person and virtual meetings and conferences. We assist clients from the development of concept, design, content, materials, logistics, delivery and evaluation of the event.

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Policy Support

Coffey Consulting assists clients in researching and producing data and information that feed into the development of briefs, analyses, and resulting policies. These can be ad hoc or in support of ongoing programs. Clients appreciate our depth of knowledge, objectivity, honesty and willingness to work with them to produce policies that are sensitive to context, stakeholder interest and likelihood to be long lived. Moreover, our clients rely on us because of our track record and reputation.

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Performance Management

Coffey Consulting provides organizational performance excellence to clients seeking education and training in the incorporation of quality initiatives within their organizations related to Baldrige, ISO 9001, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Because of its extensive experience in providing a range of other consulting services to clients, we are occasionally asked to assist them on special studies that may encompass human relations, model development, econometric modeling and limited add-on IT support.

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